Hobart Dance Dates


Calendar file for all our dances: here

End of month dances 2022: Last Saturday of each month March-Nov (except Easter)

Celtic Ceili with Mt Roland Ceilidh Band, 26/3/22
Buttongrass Ball with HOT String Band, 30/4/22
Steampunk Ball with As The Crow Flies, 28/5/22
Masked Mediaeval and Renaissance Ball with Jounce Ensemble, 25/6/22
Old Time Dance Party with Ross Smithard, Craig Woodward et al – Dare to be Square, 30/7/22
Balkan Roma Dance with Xenos, 27/8/22
Heritage Bush Dance with Tasmanian Heritage Fiddle Ensemble, 24/9/22
Klezmer + Balfolk Dance Party with Plumb, Meyers, McNamara and Pribac, Fri 29/10/22
Derwent Regency Festival with Van Diemen’s Angels, 25-28/11/22

TasContra 2022: First and third Monday of each month, Feb-Dec (except Easter)

Jun 6, 20; Jul 18 (none on 4); Aug 1, 15; Sep 5, 19; Oct 3, 17; Nov 7, 21; Dec 5, 19

Danceoholics Unanimous 2022: Second Friday of each month, Feb-Dec (except Easter)

Jun 10; Jul (none); Aug 12; Sep 9; Oct 14; Nov 11; Dec 9

See also Facebook: Dance Folk Tasmania or Folk Federation of Tasmania.