FolkTas Grant

The Folk Federation Grant – “Making a Song and Dance About It”

The Folk Federation is delighted to offer a grant of up to $500, and is inviting individuals and groups to apply before 31st July 2020.

Update 8/8/20: If you have applied for the grant and not been acknowledged, please resubmit your application to as there is a chance that your application has disappeared into a spam folder! Please resend your application by Wednesday 12th August 2020.

Applications are open to Tasmanian resident folk musicians, songwriters, dancers, singers, poets, luthiers, organisers of folk events or folk artists. The money could be used for someone to attend a particular event, to bring someone here, to buy resources or equipment, to produce a CD, to produce “protest” or historical songs, in the folk tradition, and present them in concert, or something equally appropriate which would benefit the Tasmanian folk community.

The grant wasn’t offered in 2019 because the Folk Federation decided to give the grant money to help in the establishment of the Kunanyi Folk Club.

In 2018 the grant was awarded to Wolfe and Thorn for their project on recording and promotion of maritime and other traditional Tasmanian music in collaboration with the Maritime Museum.

In 2017, Rachel Meyers used the Folk Grant in conjunction with a larger grant from Arts Tasmania for her extensive project, “A Jew in Tasmania”, which is still in progress. It includes extensive research, the recording and release of an album, workshops, performances, a lecture and an academic essay.

In 2016, Teri Young ran three community bush dances in Buckland with the assistance of funds from the Folk Grant and from the Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council.

In 2015, the Folk Grant was shared by Ethereal Ensemble, who published a book of original poems, music scores, chord charts and images, and The Harp Society of Tasmania Inc, who ran a hands-on “all things harp” weekend Harp Festival in Westbury in October 2015.

Applications should include;

  1. A bit about you/your group, what you do now, have done in the past and/or aspire to do in the future.
  2. Your current involvement in the Tasmanian folk community.
  3. The proposal.
  4. A timeline.
  5. A budget, including all costs and funding sources for the project, not just those sought from the FFT.
  6. An explanation of the focus of the project.
  7. On whose behalf the money is sought (personal or for a group).
  8. How the use of the money would benefit the Tasmanian folk community. 
  9. How the use of this money would enhance yours or your group’s skills. 
  10. The form of feedback or resource which would be given back to the folk community after the completion of the project (for example, a letter to the FFT Committee, a Drumbeat article, a presentation or talk, a written paper, a booklet).
  11. References.

Grant timeline:

  1. The event/project is to take place in 2020-2021 and to be completed by 30th June, 2021.
  2. The deadline for applications is 31st July, 2020.

Please email applications to by 31st July 2020.

Please note that the FFT Committee will consider all proposals at its August meeting and that the decision of the Committee will be final.

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In previous years, the FFT sponsored participants of the Music Under the Southern Cross Summer School