But darling, I have nothing to wear!

Are you interested in attending the Derwent Regency Festival, where there’ll be wonderful live music, lively dancing, interesting history, fine food, games and fun for all, over four days of diverse entertainment, but worried about what to wear?

Fear not! Regency attire will be admired but is not required. You’re welcome in whatever you like, ‘though for the Grand Ball and the Sunday Garden Party in particular, neat evening dress would be preferable.

If you do want to make an attempt at a period outfit, you can go a long way with some simple op-shop or reuse finds.

Gentlemen, want to make the ladies swoon with your Mr Darcy look? Here are some videos for you:



Ladies, if you fancy creating your own Regency outfit from op-shop items, here’s a handy video link:


See also






There are many other online resources for dressing up in period outfits. Search for “easy regency outfit”.

There are also some establishments in Hobart which hire out costumes.

Of course, feel free to come in any attire you like, but if you do make an effort on a period outfit, it will be admired, and many people do. It all adds to the fun.