Hobart Session Tunes

A Selection of Tunes Played in Hobart – compiled by Bernie Chenery

PDF format:

A_selection_of_tunes_played_in_Hobart(B_Chenery)_part_1_First4Pages_Colour (1.8MB)

A_selection_of_tunes_played_in_Hobart(B_Chenery)_part_2_Reels (3MB)

A_selection_of_tunes_played_in_Hobart(B_Chenery)_part_3_Jigs (2.3MB)

A_selection_of_tunes_played_in_Hobart(B_Chenery)_part_4_Misc (400kB)

ABC format (much smaller and can even be played on your computer, but you need an ABC viewer):

The tunes are in three files: Reels, Jigs and Misc.

(Save them as Text documents with the extension .abc instead of .txt.  Any ABC reader should then be able to open the files.)

Original web location: http://www.reocities.com/Nashville/8773/Hobart.htm