Australian Tunes and Songs for Devon Walk

In 2017 a group of Australian musicians and dancers are visiting Devon.  Here are some Australian tunes and songs they hope to share with local musicians in sessions in some grand old English pubs.

Click here to view or download Australian Tunes and Songs for Devon Walk v1

Here are some links to other Australian tunes:

Other Australian tunes: – has a link to a related wiki that has abc’s of soon to be more than 500 collected Aussie tunes. These are the tunes that Greg O’Leary, Dave Johnson and Ray Mulligan present each year at the National Folk Festival.

See also Windjam Tunes which includes more Tasmanian tunes


Other Australian songs:

The Diamantina Drover (Hugh McDonald) –

The Swaggies Have All Waltzed Matilda Away (Alistair Hulett) –

My Country (Dorothea Mackellar) –

Poor Ned (Redgum and Trevor Lucas) –

The Black Velvet Band –

Lachlan Tigers – (scroll down)

Botany Bay – (scroll down)

Moreton Bay –