Steampunk Ball

Set the dodgy controls of your favourite time travelling vehicle and whirl your way back in time to the Victorian era, but with a difference.

Destination: St James Hall, 462 Elizabeth St, Hobart (off Rupert Ave, opposite Blue Gum, behind church)
Date and time: Saturday, 17th October 2020 (or should that be 1870?), 7:30pm. Note this replaces our usual end of month dance. Didn’t we say that time travel can be disorienting?
What: Steampunk Ball

Steampunk balloon

Fun and lively period dances with simply thrilling music by the Black Swans of Trespass.
Dancing master: David “Oddsocks” Wanless

Tea duelling under the masterful direction of our Tiffenmaster.
Hat and glove elimination cotillon. Bring hat or gloves to participate.

You are most definitely encouraged to dress in your finest steampunk, Victoriana or formal attire. Dress to impress. (For ideas, search the web for make steampunk outfit, dress like a Victorian or make victorian outfit, or look at the event page below.  You can do a lot with opp shop clothes and trinkets.)

All dances taught. No dancing experience or partner required. All ages welcome.
Please bring a plate of supper.

Tickets $18/$16/$15/$9 at (address TBA) or at the door. Bookings advised.

Feel free to attend just the ball, but if you’d like to learn or brush up on some dances, or just want another two hours of dancing, come to Danceoholics Unanimous on Friday, 9th October. See details below.

This ball is being held in conjunction with Narryna Heritage Museum’s 180th anniversary. There will be divers entertainments at Narryna during the day. See for details.
Event page:
03 6273 2127
Facebook/Meetup: dance folk tasmania

Folk Federation of Tasmania Inc

Time travel can be a little disorienting. If you’d like to get your bearings before arriving at the Steampunk Ball, arrive a week early and get some hints about blending in with the locals on the dance floor.

Feel free to attend just the ball, but if you’d like to learn or brush up on some of the dances, or just want some more dancing, come to Danceoholics Unanimous, at 7:30 at the same venue, on Friday 9th October. As well as going over quite a few dances for the ball, we will be practising the Chess Dance, where we all take on the roles of chess pieces on our giant chess board. All being well, we’ll be doing the dance during the evening at the ball.