2016 FolkTas Grant Awarded

The 2016 FolkTas grant was awarded to Theresa Young for her series of three bushdances, to be held at the Orford Town Hall (later changed to Buckland).  The purpose of this proposal, Theresa wrote, was to give some more community dancing opportunities to those living on the South East Coast of Tasmania. It would be an opportunity for everyone to meet new people, be active and be joyful!

After the events, Theresa wrote in Drumbeat, the Folk Federation’s regular magazine:

The town of Buckland played host to three sweet and lively bushdances in the months of August, September and October. People of all ages filled the dance-floor of the charming Buckland Hall at each dance, travelling from all over the South-Eastcoast, Midlands, and
Hobart areas.  

We were privileged to have stages full of musos playing and singing celtic, Tasmanian and American tunes on banjos, mandolins, accordians, guitars and fiddles. The first dance was played and called by Moonshine Whiskers and the Ragged Pony; the second, by Tasmania’s Devil’s Own; and the third was played by the enormous and delightful Hobart Old Time String Band, called by David Wanless and sound engineered by Glenn Warland.

We danced traditional dances like the beloved heel-and-toe, and were thrown into some wild and beautiful newer ones too. On the final night,  we even learnt some lovely dances
of David Wanless’ own creation. Suppertimes were also a mix of tradition and novelty, with tables filled with old favourites like savoury toast, as well as innovative creations like
falafel and bocconcini kebabs.

Thank you to the Folk Federation of Tasmania for supporting the dances with their annual FolkTas grant, as well as to the local Glamorgan Spring Bay Council for a community grant. These wonderful events would not have been possible without this backing.

Theresa Young

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