What does the FFT do?

The Folk Federation of Tasmania Inc is a voluntary community group.

Our aim is to present, support and encourage folk music, dance, art, folklore and all folk activities as they exist in all their forms.  We provide a link to similar organisations throughout Australia for all those interested in the folk arts.


The FFT:

  • Organises about 200 dances and dance classes around the state each year, in various different traditions
  • Runs an annual Song and Tune Writing Award competition and concert
  • Runs an annual Ferntree Frolics music session
  • Organises occasional concerts and sessions
  • Assists with the dance programme at the Cygnet Folk Festival
  • Offers a small ($500) annual grant for a folk activity or event which would benefit the Tasmanian folk community
  • Publishes a magazine, Drumbeat, promoting and recording Tasmanian folk events and culture
  • Promotes folk events to the general community through social media and local broadcasters, including running an email list, web site, Facebook page, Facebook group and Meetup group
  • Provides information and referrals to the public about folk events and artists
  • Provides bookings, promotion and support for Tasmanian folk artists and for visiting interstate and international artists
  • In general, provides and builds a vibrant folk community and networking between organisers, artists and participants in many different spheres of folk music and dancing.

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