2022 FolkTas Grant Awarded

The Folk Federation Committee is happy to announce that the 2022 FolkTas Grant has been awarded to The Unknown, a band made-up of teenagers Fergus and Reuben Page-Brown, Callum Waller and Charlie Wilkinson. The Unknown wish to use the grant to record and mix their original song “Open Your Eyes”, which was written for the 2019 School Strike for Climate rally and first performed at that rally.

The Unknown also plan to create a music video using their own funds, which they want to use to gain publicity for the song’s message that action must be taken on climate change. The Folk Federation Committee felt that this fitted in well with our signing of the Music Declares Emergency declaration and felt it is a message we also want to promote. We were also pleased to be able to support some very young musicians.

The Committee also decided to award a smaller supplementary grant to another worthy applicant, Isabel Rumble. She has just recorded her debut album and will put the supplementary grant money towards printing the CDs.

We wish best of luck to The Unknown and Isabel Rumble!

We would like to give a huge thanks to all the applicants and to you, our Folk Federation members, who enabled this to happen.


The Folk Federation Committee